Digital Theme Parks


Digital Theme Parks

Theme Parks or Amusement parks is the generic term for a collection of rides and other entertainment attractions assembled for the purpose of entertaining fairly large group of people. A Theme park is more elaborate than a simple city park or playground, as an amusement park is meant to cater to adults, teenagers, and small children. Theme park with LED Displays, Amphi Theater, mobile rides, Childrens Paly area, Event Management Area, Group Partying concepts, Multi Storied Parking Facilities is called a funfair or carnival.

Theme park is a more narrowly defined category of an amusement park, which has permanent facilities that use architecture, Digital Theaters,Hi-Tech 3D zone, 3D games, Science films with LCD/LED signage, landscaping to help convey the feeling that people are in a different place or time. Often a theme park will have various 'lands' (sections) of the park devoted to telling a particular story. Alternatively, an amusement park often has rides with little in terms of theming or additional design elements. For the most part, theme parks are the highest quality form of an amusement park.

The Concept:
  • To create an environment for entertainment & recreation.
  • One-stop location for complete entertainment & recreation.
Major components of Theme Parks:
  • Big LED Day-Night Visible screens of different sizes
  • Small LED Screens for Indoors / Outdoors
  • Event Management LED screens
  • LCD/LED screen based 3-D Films (science & fiction) and 3D Gaming
  • Multi Level Parking facility
  • Rest rooms & Other facilities for event management members
  • Telecom facilities
  • Live concerts and shows
  • Temporary food stalls

MIC plays role in providing the majority of the infrastructure equipment required for Theme Parks mainly LED display boards of different configurations and local leading players play important role in marketing the Digital Theme Parks concepts and maintain the parks in revenue growth model.